About Philly Unleashed

Dogs are many things to us

Best friends, confidants, jogging buddies, and pillow stealers. But what do you do when your best friend has a behavior problem?

Does your dog: Act aggressively toward people or other dogs? Bark endlessly? Tug on a leash? Still have trouble with housebreaking?

The dog training professionals at Philly Unleashed can help you with these and other problems. Working together, we will enhance the special bond between you and your pet.

Philly Unleashed will design a program which enables you to modify behavior in even the most challenging dogs. Our trainers combine a strong knowledge of behavioral theory with innovative training techniques, and a unique ability to ’think outside of the cage’ to teach pet owners the skills necessary to unleash the pet of their dreams! So whether you’ve got a polished purebred, a mystery mutt, or a dog who needs a little refinement, you and your dog will benefit from Philly Unleashed’s programming!

Training methods are designed with both the dog and owner in mind, and are based on positive reinforcement, classical, and operant conditioning techniques which are safe, gentle, and family–friendly. Best of all, we will show you how to integrate training into your daily life, and make learning fun for both you and your dog.

Philly Unleashed serves the citizens of Philadelphia, Bucks, Delaware, and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania, and also serves Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, and Mercer Counties in New Jersey.