Housetraining At Any Age: CPDT Nicole Larocco-Skeehan’s Tricks For Keeping Carpets Dry

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Happy Holidays from Philly Unleashed!

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Find Out if Chad Passed The TDI Test!

A Journey Into Therapy Dog Training (part 2)

. . . so here we were, the night before the test. To say that I was nervous, would be the understatement of the year. I logged on to my computer and in my inbox was an email from our…

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A Journey Into Therapy Dog Training: Part 1.

At Philly Unleashed we are proud to take a holistic approach to dog training. When you train with us, our goal is to take whatever time we have with you, whether it is a 1 hour private session, a 6-week…

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Nicole was so excited to be asked to write for APDT's Chronicle of the Dog!

My Favorite Stories From Training Prison Dogs!

Nicole was  asked to write for APDT’s Chronicle of the Dog! Two blogs in less than 24 hours?  Don’t get too used to it. . . it just so happens that both of these articles were written and published/delivered to me...
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