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Kate Lowe’s passion for dog training had an early start. While other teens were at the mall, Kate spent her time training her Shetland sheepdog Frosti a variety of tricks and agility on a homemade jump course. This interest in the human-animal bond continued throughout her adult life as an activist for pet adoption and after college as a volunteer research assistant at the Pacuare Sea Turtle Reserve in Costa Rica.

Kate’s experience with Philly Unleashed began in early 2010 when she enrolled her recently traumatized and reactive dog Heidi into Dogs With Attitude classes. Kate was completely fascinated with the transformation in Heidi, as well as the compassion the trainers gave her as an owner in that time of need. It was life-changing, and she was hooked. She continued to use the skills she built to help friends and family in similar situations feel empowered. After the adoption of her second dog, Chunk, Kate’s passion came full circle when she realized his athleticism was a perfect match for the agility she had loved as a teen.

In late 2015, Kate had been bringing Chunk and Heidi regularly to the design agency she worked at and was receiving very positive feedback about their behavior in the office. She soon found herself being the sounding board for friends and co-workers with dog issues and thoroughly enjoyed problem-solving for them. She soon realized if there was ever a time to make a change and work more professionally with animals, this was it. Kate decided to make the move from Art Director to contractor so she could pursue her true passion: dogs! Kate began as an intern with Philly Unleashed in early 2016 and spent the year training and caring for client dogs. She also became an active class assistant and soon began covering classes for her fellow instructors. Kate is now a class instructor and private trainer. Her favorite part of training is emotionally supporting owners through the educational process. She’ll never forget the support she received in DWA and tries to make sure all her clients feel like they aren’t alone, no matter how big or small their pet’s issues may seem. She also thoroughly enjoys the problem-solving process of tailoring the training process to each dog’s individual abilities.

Kate has a Bachelor of Science in Design from Drexel University and is passionate about taking every possible opportunity she is given to learn. She plans to sit for her CCPDT certification in the Fall of 2017 and is in the process of receiving her STAR Puppy Kindergarten evaluation certification. Kate currently lives in Bella Vista with her husband, John, their two rescue dogs, Chunk and Heidi, and cat, Carl. In her spare time, she enjoys globetrotting, studying nutrition and exercise science, and raising awareness for PCOS.