Resource Guarding

Does your dog act aggressively when you come near his food bowl? Do you feel uncomfortable reaching to pet your dog when she has a favorite toy or treat? Maybe there’s a particular space (a bed or spot on the couch, perhaps) your dog doesn’t want someone coming close to? We usually refer to these behaviors as signs of resource guarding. Whether this is a new behavior or something you’ve noticed getting worse over time, we can help!

Resource guarding can be sparked by a single incident or develop as the result of generalized stress – but it’s best to nip this kind of behavior in the bud. To help, we recommend scheduling an in-home consultation with one of our professional certified trainers. During the 1-1.5-hour long initial session, we will observe your dog’s behavior, take a full history, develop a behavior modification and management plan, and get you started working on the plan. From there, we offer follow-up sessions that are each about an hour long. Contact us to schedule your consultation today.