Behavior Walks

Behavior Walks are not like traditional private lessons or dog walking! In fact, they’re the perfect hybrid of the two! Behavior Walks offer extra practice when you don’t have the time to devote to practicing your behavior plan, give an exceptionally bright dog an outlet for their brain and not just their body, or help with an extra boost in their obedience skills. During these walks your dog will have a break in their day to go to the bathroom, followed by a 30 minute training session. Whether it be loose leash walking, reactivity, recall, basic commands, or fun tricks, your trainer is here to add obedience and structure to your dog’s day while you work or run errands!

Behavior Walks are currently available for clients who are working with Philly Unleashed, either in group class or private lessons or at Farmcamp. If you would like to begin Behavior Walks, contact us today!

10 Walk Package
6 Walk Package