While your dream vacation may be sitting on a beach with a fruity drink in your hand, your dog’s idea is a little different. 

His idea is running free, having fun, making new friends and even learning a few tricks along the way. Treats, cuddles… an all inclusive experience for your best friend.

Welcome to Rammytime Farm, a place where any dog can unleash their inner farm dog for anything from an afternoon to an extended stay. Here at our 8-acre horse farm in Medford NJ, we offer farm-themed visits and vacations for dogs. This completely unique boarding experience is exclusively for Philly Unleashed clients.

Farmcamp stays are limited to four to six dogs at a time, which allows us to spend as much time with each individual dog as possible. Farmcamp is a great option for dogs that do not do well in a traditional kennel environment, for owners who are looking to achieve an intensive training goal with their dog, or for families who are looking to spoil their dog with their own customized vacation while they are away.

At Farmcamp, you’ll never be charged for:

– Giving medications

– Private playtime

– Extra treats or walks

– A spa treatment before you pick them up

Pet Imagery by Lauren Kaplan

Pet Imagery by Lauren Kaplan

Each visit is customized to your dog’s personality and includes the following services:

  • Two 30-minute positive reinforcement based training sessions per day.
  • Two activities per day based upon what your dog thinks is fun.
  • A discharge report and 30-minute pickup lesson detailing what your dog learned while they stayed with us (if your dog has stayed for 5+ days).
  • A bath and brush out.

Training goals that we can work on include:

  • Basic, intermediate, advanced obedience
  • Working through fears, phobias, and anxieties
  • Working through distractions
  • Reactivity and aggression
  • Dog sports including agility, rally obedience, or competitive obedience

Activities that your dog can participate in during their stay include:

  • Hiking
  • Swimming in our 40 by 20-foot in-ground pool (in season)
  • Romps in our fenced-in 5 acre fields or in the barn
  • Cuddle time with our staff
  • Playgroups with other dogs in our care

As we feel strongly that dogs are the best behaved when they have a great relationship with their owner based on mutual respect and kindness, you can be sure that when you leave your dog at Farmcamp, your dog will be trained utilizing only positive reinforcement and relationship based training. No aversive training here!

*Farmcamp is only available for existing clients of Philly Unleashed. If you’re not a client yet, please contact us to find out how to begin!

For more information about if Farmcamp is right for your dog, contact us!