Josh and I just wanted to share this picture with you so you could see how well Addie is doing since finishing up Dogs with Attitude in December. Josh and I welcomed our daughter into the world last week, and Addie has been amazing with her. She just wants to check on her and be near her - it's really sweet. One of the reasons we had taken the Dogs with Attitude class was because I was nervous about walking Addie and the baby together, but Addie has showed me that there's nothing to worry about! Check out her focus in this picture! We are both so thankful for everything we learned in your class, and we still see improvement in Addie as we consistently reinforce the techniques and use the clicker. Thank you so much!
– Amy and Josh
My dog, Darby had severe aggression issues toward other dogs which made her difficult to own. After a severe attack on another dog, I sought out professional help with the goal of better managing and better understanding Darby’s aggression. As Darby aged, I longed to add another dog to my family, but did not know if it was possible. Nicole found us just the dog we’d been looking for and coached us on how to safely and thoroughly acclimate her into her new home!
– Angie Pack
We had excellent experiences with Dana’s puppy classes. The classes helped us learn the basics early while providing a good opportunity for socialization. Our black lab Ella learned something new in each class. Dana provided all the treats necessary and made sure to work with anyone having trouble. The classes are small and Dana is friendly and knowledgeable. She also works for a vet and is an excellent resource for puppy knowledge. The training paid off, Ella is now 7 months old and neighbors frequently complement her good behavior. Thanks again for all of your help!
– Jimmy Fallone and Ella
We called Philly Unleashed for private home lessons for our 16 month old Boston Terrier. We wanted to freshen her up on some basic commands and wanted to work on new goals. We were so lucky to have Dana V. as our private teacher for several weeks. Dana came to our home and really listened to our concerns and tailored each lesson to our needs. Each week she set specific assignments for us to work on which was rewarding for all of us. We were so happy with her and her teaching style, we decided to continue on with her in the group dog classes. You will not be disappointed in the services Philly Unleashed has to offer. The attention and care Dana has given to our Boston is more than we can ask for. We will continue to support and trust in Philly Unleashed as we continue to create a fun and exciting environment for our dog.
– Julie Lee and Mia
We had the pleasure of working with Jennifer from Philly Unleashed for basic obedience class. Not only did Jennifer work at each dog’s level we always felt like she went beyond the basics by helping us in addition to each class member with everyone’s behavior issues/problems. I liked the fact that she took the time to explain things in detail to help us through the issues in addition to helping our dog. She also checked in with us in between classes to make sure there were no additional problems arising and to check in to see how we were making out with our “homework”. We love her and are looking forward to taking some more classes with her.
– J.R.C.
Nicole Larocco is an amazing dog trainer, teacher and evaluator of canine behavior. Her skill with dogs and training is evident in the way that she methodically taught all of the shelter dogs to sit when they were approached in their runs. This insight and skill in training changes the dynamic of the shelter and increases the adoptability of these dogs. Her ability to read the dogs and determine the best approach to reach them and get them to start to enjoy learning makes training fun for everyone! I am glad that I will continue to be able to train with, learn from and play with Nicole!
– Cindy Otto
Nicole has helped us train both of our dogs and she has been amazing. Nicole rescued Ramona, our German Shepherd, and helped us with her adoption. We then went through puppy and adult classes with Nicole, and Ramona learned her manners and some fun tricks. We are incredibly grateful to Nicole for the care and expertise that she brought to our situation. Her love of dogs is clear; she is a very insightful and gifted trainer.
– Sharyn O'Mara
As a first-time dog owner and a workaholic, you can imagine how tough it was for me to care for my separation-anxiety and needy puppy. She feared being in her crate Payton as if she viewed it as the mouth opening of a scary monster. She would run somewhere to hide when she knew it was time for me to leave for work to avoid being put in the crate and would cry every time. I felt hopeless and thought I made a terrible decision to keep her. When I thought all hope was lost, my BF discovered Philly Unleashed through ravishing reviews and thought that we should give it a try. Jennifer, our dog trainer and class instructor, not only taught us the basics on how to train our dog, she took the time outside of class to address the specific issues we each had at home. Payton loves her crate now and would go in it on her own without me telling her to when she knows I’m getting ready to leave the house. She doesn’t cry anymore and is very obedient with my commands. She also use to go on the couch and onto the window sill. A simple training of the word “OFF” worked like a charm. If you have “doggy issues”, Philly Unleashed is your solution. Trust me.
– Ling P. and Payton
I can’t say enough good things about this team, especially Jenn. As I’ve said all along, my puppy Lucy is a great dog, I was the one who needed the training! I highly recommend the private sessions to anyone who is looking to have specific needs addressed. Lucy and I really benefitted from the personalized attention and it also helped us establish a bond with Jenn. She got to know Lucy’s weak spots and was better able to correct me on form and commands. Jenn worked with us to fine-tune Lucy’s leash manners and polite greetings. We also worked to learn go to your place, sit, stay, come and touch. All in 4 sessions! I’m so amazed by how much we were able to accomplish in a short time. I can’t thank Jenn enough for helping Lucy and I build a solid foundation of obedience skills. I’m enjoying my pup even more now and I can’t wait to continue working with Philly Unleashed through more privates and classes in the future. If you’re looking for fabulous trainers who are patient, understanding and flexible, go with Philly Unleashed! You and your dog will be happy you did!
– Alicia K. and Lucy
We have had an amazing experience with Philly Unleashed. We adopted Violet as a ten month old pup and didn’t know that she would be able to learn so much in such a short time. Dana is really amazing: patient, confident, and always shows us the perfect way to train Violet. I like the way that the class always builds on what we learned the previous week. Violet is much better behaved, knows a ton of commands, and we feel confident that she will continue to grow. I cannot wait for the next level of class! In addition, Dana was always available to answer specific questions and help us learn how to be better dog owners.
– Miriam and Violet