Alicia Harantshuck


Alicia has a deep passion for dog training in all its forms. Although she has trained in agility, competitive style obedience, nose work, barn hunt, freestyle and canine parkour, her passion is pet therapy and tricks training.

In 2012, Alicia began her journey into pet therapy to honor her father’s passing.  She thought it was the perfect solution blending their love of animals and her strong desire to help others.  From the beginning, Alicia wanted her pet therapy visits to be different.  People would laugh, visits would be interactive and, most of all for those few minutes, they would forget their emotional and physical pains.  

Her journey would take her through every detour imaginable.  Within her own pet dogs, she has had to overcome aggression issues, possessive behaviors, extreme noise sensitivity and anxiety.  Giving up wasn’t an option.  

Today, three of her dogs have been certified as therapy dogs, and a fourth is in training!  Her dogs have completed a combined total of approximately 400 therapy visits and over 35 obedience titles between them.  Vegas, 4 year old pit bull mix, earned her Champion Trick Dog Title and knows approximately 70 cues which entertain everyone she meets.  While doing Therapy Dog work is a highlight, Alicia finds helping others get involved  in the canine world equally rewarding.

Alicia is a certified trick dog instructor, AKC CGC evaluator, therapy dog evaluator and President of Comfort Caring Canines Therapy Dogs Inc.  In 2016, Alicia took over the therapy dog and Canine Good Citizen program teaching for Philly Unleashed.

Alicia Harantshuck

What People Are Saying

Hi everyone! My dog ,Gracie, and I took the therapy class with Alicia and Jess in the winter and they were fantastic. Gracie is a Great Dane, so by nature she can get a little skittish. When the props came out Gracie did not take well to the cane, but Alicia let me take one home to desensitize Gracie to it. I brought the cane everywhere (I’m sure my neighbors thought I was nuts but who cares!). I fed her holding the cane, walked her, etc. It worked like a charm. Alicia and Jess were so helpful and patient getting Gracie used to all of the equipment and being touched on all areas of her body. It is hard work, but it was fun and so worth it.

– Claire K. & Gracie


  • Obedience & Manners
  • Puppy Development & Behavior
  • Leash Reactivity & Dog Aggression
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Fears, Phobias & Anxious Behavior
  • Aggression Towards People
  • Intra-household Aggression
  • Cat Behavior
  • Dog Sports, Tricks & Agility

Certifications & Affiliations

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